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Topher Cusumano is a humorist & playwright from Brooklyn, NY. His work has appeared on Pink Canoe, Robot Butt, SpiltSider, Werrrk.com, and Hornet Stories.

His episodic theatre piece, The Cult Play, was produced by Phoenix Theatre Ensemble at NYC's Paradise factory. 

After the internet decided Babadook was queer, Topher co-wrote and executive produced the parody music video “Babashook” with drag performer Pissi Myles, which HelloGiggles.com called “the perfect homage to the beloved horror villain.” 

Topher earned an MFA in Dramatic Writing from Savannah College of Art & Design. His professional goals include becoming the coolest teen witch in a high school coven.


This drag queen story times goes terribly wrong as Pissi Myles finds herself accidently booked for a gig at a daycare. A documentary crew from This/That were on hand to capture what happened when an audience of young children and their scandalized parents came face to face with New Jersey's premiere snark queen. Written by Topher Cusumano & Pissi Myles.


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